Headlamp Test – Comparing Moonlight Mountain Gear to the Competition

The Breakdown-

It has always been said that the numbers don’t lie. Last month we did a visual headlamp test comparing our Moonlight Mountain Gear Bright As Day 2000 and 5000 lumen lamps to a competitor claiming 9000 lumen (Link). When our 2000 lumen lamp seemed much brighter than its challenger, we knew the numbers were off. We now own a lumen measuring dome in our factory to make sure our products use are achieving the lumen count we claim, and it was time to compare our results with other top-sellers using cold hard numbers.

9000 lumen vs Moonlight Mountain Gear 5000 lumen lamp

A competitors 9000 lumen lamp (left) vs. our Bright As Day 5000 lumen (right)

The Competitors Results-

Source: Valostore

We found independent headlamp test results from Valostore of 6 of the most popular high-power headlamps and flashlight on the market. We will let you decide if these headlamps deliver the numbers they promise.

Some trends we noticed were:

  • Three lamps (Olight X7R, Led Lenser XEO 19R, and LEDX Cobra 6500) do not once deliver a lumen count they promise. The first claiming 12000lm, starting at 10300lm, and delivering 5000 constant lumens, the second claiming 2000lm, starting at 1600lm, and dropping 600lm, giving constant 1000lm, and the last claiming 6500lm, starting at 5000lm, and delivering 4800constant lumen.
  • One lamp (Lupine Betty RX14) starts at the count it claims, 5000lm, but then immediately dips more than 1600lm to around a constant 3400lm.
  • Two lamps (Petzel Ultra Rush & Lumonite Navigator 3000) consistently deliver their claimed lumens and cost around the same price, however, the Lumonite delivers over three times as much light.
  • All of the lamps beside 2 lack a power step down system to warn you when the battery is low 

Moonlight Results-

Moonlight Mountain Gear Light Graph

Thanks to our constant testing and on-going development, we were pleased to see how our lamps performed in the same test against each other.

Some trends we noticed were:

  • All Bright as Day lamps have little to no initial lumen dip. The B.A.D. 2000 starts above 2000lm and constantly delivers 1950lm. The B.A.D. 5000 starts and plateaus above its claimed lumen count and constantly delivers 5270lm. And the B.A.D. 10000 starts above its claimed 10000lm and constantly creates 9700lm.
  • Because of this in factory dome testing, we can immediately rectify and raise production lumen counts because we always wish to deliver a constant lumen beam in the amount in which we claim.
  • All Bright As Day lamps feature a safety step down system that warns you of low battery. This feature allows the lamp to still emit light for an extended period so you are never stranded in the dark.
  • Our 5000lm and 10000lm lamps were tested without outside air cooling as all of the other lamps were. These headlights feature our I.C.E. (Intelligent Cooling Engineering) that are able to keep the lamp at an optimal operating temperature, even with the larger amount of lumens delivered.

Moonlight Mountain Gear 5000 lumen

Moonlight B.A.D. 5000 and B.A.D. 2000 lumen lamps

The HeadLamp Test Results-

In our ongoing attempt to wade through the different kinds and offerings from different companies, we will continue to bring blog updates comparing the quality and performance of our products to our closest competitors. Soon we will have measurements of all of our competitor’s lamps tested in the same lumen dome and we will be sure to deliver the results to you. If you are interested in finding out more information about our products, visit our SHOP.

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