Light in the Middle of Polar Night - Finnish Headlamp Coverage

Moonlight Mountain Gear’s products came to the Finnish market last autumn and have attracted a lot of interest. At the time of polar night, especially the headlamps have gained a lot of interest and have got a lot of positive feedback from customers. Freeskiing as well as doing other outdoor sports during a dark time seems to interest people and our new lights bring a whole new glow into that.

Photo: Hujanen Jani

Jani Hujanen visited northern Norway with his friends for a ski season-opening trip and tells on Scandinavia's Outdoor blog about his experiences

“During the hike up a slightly lighter headlight is enough, but if you want to get all out of skiing down, I would recommend a 5000-10000 lumen lamp. The Moonlight Mountain Gear lamps have reached a cult fame already, and I understand why after this experience. ”


Bright As Day 10,000

Jani’s blog is worth keeping track of if you are interested in freeskiing, he is also featured as the only Fin at the Freeride World Tour Qualifier in Austria.


Photo: @jnykter

Another happy customer Mika Fält, visited Kemiö fjell in the middle of a snowy December. Mika purchased Moonlight Bright As Day 2000 lamp before his trip and tells on his blog about the magical polar night skiing trip and the positive experiences with the lamp. “I have to say that it worked brilliantly! The light is bright enough even for a little bit faster skiing, but despite the luminous intensity, it does not throw too much light back from the snow into the eyes, which was a surprise to me.”


Bright As Day 2000 with included headstrap

Our lamps have impressed skiers with their properties and comments in the same direction have been heard from cyclists and orienteerers. So do not let darkness limit your activity, because it does not have to.

If you are interested in buying Moonlight, visit our store.

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