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The Eagle Carbon ski is designed around the "LL rocker system" that gives you float in soft snow while maintaining maximum edge contact in firm snow. Because of its thinner waist, the Eagle has all the performance, with a lighter weight.

Because of its construction and low weight, the ski is quick from edge to edge, fun and playful in softer snow, plus stable at high speeds and more adverse conditions. You will never again have to make compromises for weight on the climb and performance on the descent.

Length Dimensions Weight Turn Radius
186 cm
1459 g
22 m
177 cm
1333 g
22 m
168 cm
1179 g
22 m


Technology - 

LL Rocker System -

LL stands for long and low. The ski features a low traditional camber under the foot. The convexity helps the ski hold an edge through hard-packed snow and deliver power to the edges while turning. The long and low rise of the tip allows the ski to float in fresh snow, as well as rise above any variable snow, while still maintaining edge contact, helping with control.  The tip and tail rocker, combined with its light weight, also improve the ease of short turns for maximum downhill dominance. 

Thunder Core - 

Our unique and tested Thunder Core is a wood-hybrid core specially developed for our Carbon Series skis. Its lightweight yet aggressive build allows for an easy hike uphill, while aggressive enough to handle drops and difficult terrain on the downhill.

Carbon Torsion Box - 

Wrapped around the core is a Formula 1 graded carbon fiber torsion box that keeps the ski lightweight while improving its overall strength and torsional rigidity. This technology helps you control the ski while it is on edge at any speed.

Beech Sidewall - 

The 100% beech sidewall not only looks and feels amazing, it helps give the ski a traditional wood flex feeling other carbon skis may lack. The angle of the sidewall helps deliver power to the edges during turn initiation and progression.

Sintered Graphite Race Base - 

One of the highest quality construction that can be used, the base material allows for maximum speed and wax hold during your ski experience.

Snowphobic Topsheet - 

Our special top sheet material is designed specifically to minimize ice and snow build up on the top sheet, minimizing uphill weight on your feet.

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