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Our Owner ski testing high above Burfjord, Norway

Our Owner ski testing high above our headquarters in Burfjord, Norway

Our Company - 

High above the Arctic Circle in a small town in the North of Norway lies the headquarters and testing grounds for Moonlight Mountain Gear. Located at 70 degrees North, the landscape and outdoor conditions create the perfect space for developing our innovative products.

During the fall and winter, the sun disappears from the sky for over two months. While the headlamps are switched from the bicycle to the ski helmet, the snow blankets the surrounding mountains; ideal scenarios for testing our headlamps, skis, and ski bindings. In the spring and summer, the endless sun provides light for ski touring and mountain adventures.

Our Headlamps - 

Developed to endure and survive in the long arctic winters, Moonlight develops the most cost-effective and brightest headlamps on the market. Not only are we the producer of the brightest headlamp available, our headlamps deliver the most real lumens for your money. Each one of our models is tested in a Lumen Lab to ensure our products always deliver their promised brightness. Our products are durable, long-lasting, and high performing so they won't stop until you do.

Our Skis -

Handmade and developed in Scandinavia, our high-quality ski lines feature industry-leading technology and design recognized by multiple ski awards throughout Europe. Our signature lightweight skis allow for an effortless climb, combined with true freeride downhill performance. We are proud to say we feature the lightest ski line on the market, allowing for an effortless journey that can keep you going all day long.

Our Bindings - 

Handcrafted in Europe, our revolutionary bindings incorporate unique features that allow for classic telemark and downhill feel, but with a lightweight design. Paired with our lightweight skis, our binding systems create minimal weight ski setups that are high performing.

Brightness testing in the mountains

Brightness testing in the mountains
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