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The Pure Tele binding gives you a lightweight telemark set up for all of your heel dropping needs. Built with high-grade aluminum and other quality materials, this lightweight binding is perfect for all of your knee dropping needs.

Its telemark tech 2 pin style binding allows for the lightest weight ascending. With a quick and simple addition of telemark springs, you are off down the slope in true telemark style.

Weight -

  • Downhill mode (w/ springs)- 550g
  • Uphill mode (w/o springs)- 250g

Technology -

Power Tower Heel Stabilizer -

Our heel piece features two small plastic towers that fit in the rear notch of the sole of the telemark boot. When your downhill ski heel is resting on the heel piece during a telemark turn, the tower connects with the boot ridges and the boot is laterally stable, preventing heel rotation and maximizing control.

4 Mode Spring Pivot Setting -

The heel spring attachment under the toe allows for 3 downhill and 1 tour mode. The springs can be removed easily eliminating weight for uphill climbing. Then the springs can me simply attached in 3 different toe pivot points to customize the feel and/or size of your binding.

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